Creating product packaging is exciting! It has to immediately convey what it is, who made it, make it stand out, convey quality, desirability, identity, and at its heart – make you want to spend your hard-earned money. It should also be flexible enough to encompass other flavors and formulas while retaining brand recognition.

It’s a lot to ask of a design – but to me, there’s nothing like meeting and exceeding your goals!

While I’ve created packaging for national food brands and beauty products, my most prolific client to date has been Amelia Toffee Company. ATC started several years ago as a fledgling local candy company, and quickly grew to become a nationally recognized gourmet treat. Soon, ATC expanded their flavor line, created special holiday packaging, and offered specialized, house-branded lines for grocery stores, distilleries, coffee companies, gift basket companies, hotels, resorts, boutiques, special events – and we created unique packaging for each.

If you’re in the market for creative, effective labeling that makes your products stand out from your competitors and encourages brand loyalty, let’s talk!