White Paint = Fresh Start.

Spring! Spring! Spring! How I love this season. Renew, refresh, new blooms, spring cleaning, warmer weather, sunny evenings – what’s not to love?

It’s time to take full advantage of the joy of Spring. I feel the need for change. The need to be creative. The need to PAINT!

By paint, I mean inside the house. I love to decorate, putter, clean, sew, wallpaper, etc. Just love it. I feel the need to declutter, organize, and most of all, time to paint. White paint. Clean out the cobwebs of the house and the mind with a clear, fresh, happy palette of colors – all popping off of a pretty, happy white canvas.

I’m also trying to repaint the picture of where and how I spend my time and energy. I’m working on Spring Cleaning my life. Removing negative influences, getting off the ranting, crazed parts of the internet so much, spending more time on the positive parts of life. Spending time outside. Enjoying the ability to have the windows open, to wear shorts, to watch my kid run around at the park. It’s too easy to get dragged down into negative things that, in the long run, really don’t affect my life. Just pull it down. There’s only so much energy, and I’m choosing to spend more of it on people and things that are are uplifting, trustworthy, and positive. It’s been about a month so far, and I have to say, it’s making a difference.

What’s your Spring plan?

Please feel free to share!