It’s been crazy here… how about you?

It’s hot. Like 101 degrees with a “feels like” of 109. Which seems like the perfect time to update.

Been incredibly busy. Kiddo’s off school – very lucky my mom is helping a lot with taking her to camps, library events, and of course, all the board games she can handle! I’d love her summer. I’ve had lots of websites hacked, fixing them. Have THREE new books coming out from Marcinson, and have five to promote the rest of the year. So exciting! I have to admit, I love that part of my job. I love meeting new authors, working with them, working with illustrators, artists. It’s amazing. I love making logos/websites/branding. I love my family. I even love the new puppy we added a couple of months age. I love my sanity.

Looks like, though, you add in heat, and something had to give. And I’m hoping it’s not sanity!

Brutal summer – not just for all the puny little things in my life that come and go, but the world seems to have been going insane. Shootings, terrorist attacks, presidential election, on and on. Sometimes the news is JUST too much to bear.

That being said, I am incredibly grateful for the things that ARE good. My kid and husband and family are all relatively well and happy. I know where my next meal is coming from. I have work. I have amazing friends. I have a working air conditioner! I’m also grateful that like Mr. Rogers said, during all these horrible events, there are still more people who are helping and doing good. And that’s where I am absolutely going to focus. On the good.

Have a terrific rest of your summer!


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